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Python 3.9: What’s new and better

Earlier this month, the Python Software Foundation whisked back the curtain on the first beta of Python 3.9, which is scheduled for production release in October. With the release of the beta, all of the major changes of Python 3.9 have been set, meaning the time is ripe to see what the next version of Python brings to the world.

Here is a rundown of all of the big new features in Python 3.9.

Python switches to a yearly release cycle

Up until this point, Python has been developed and released on an eighteen-month cadence. PEP 602 proposed that the Python development team adopt an annual release cycle, and that proposal has been accepted. 

An annual release cycle means fewer features per release, but it also means faster feedback on feature testing, fewer potentially breaking changes for each release, and thus more incentive for users and Linux distribution managers to upgrade Python more often. It also means new features proposed late in the development cycle won’t take as long to be rolled into a new release.

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