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Act fast: The $200 Nintendo Switch Lite is back in stock at Amazon

Nintendo’s Switch console is right up there with hand sanitizer and TP on the list of things you just can’t ever find in stock anymore. Everyone wants to play Mario when they’re home, it seems. But today, there’s a rare exception: The $200 Nintendo Switch Lite is available at Amazon, and better yet, it’s not subject to price gouging.

There are some caveats. You can only get the console for $200 in the gray and yellow colors; coral and turquoise aren’t available new. And since this is the stripped-down “Lite” version, rather than the larger standard Switch, you can’t dock the console and play it on your TV.

It still plays Animal Crossing and every other Switch game just fine, though. If you’re fine with holding your Switch in your hands whenever you want to play, hop on this pronto—it’s sure to go back out of stock fast.

[Today’s deal: Nintendo Switch Lite for $200 on Amazon.]

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