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This four-port portable charging bank is over 20% off today

Few things are more inconvenient (and potentially dangerous) than having your devices run out of power when you’re on a trip. Whether you’re backpacking through the mountains on an epic two-week road trip adventure or simply taking a day-long road trip out of the house, you need to ensure that your various gadgets stay powered-up at all times.

The Crave PowerPack 2: 50,000mAh Battery Charger is a supremely powerful and portable power bank that lets you fast-charge your devices in virtually any environment, and it’s currently available for over 20% off at just $189.99.

Perfect for both extended travel and simple days spent out of the house, this four-port charger ensures that you’ll never have to deal with a dead battery ever again.

Thanks to four high-powered ports, you’ll be able to easily charge all of your USB-C powered laptops, smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices — all without having to worry about third-party adapters or cumbersome plugs.

The massive 50,000mAh power bank that lies at the center of this charger can easily charge four devices simultaneously, and a durable aluminum housing means that you’ll be able to take this power bank on some of your more perilous adventures without worry.

Your order even comes with a specialized carrying sleeve for added convenience whenever you’re on the move.

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