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How cybercrime has changed in the wake of COVID-19

1. How has cybercrime changed in the wake of Covid-19?

COVID-19 hasn’t necessarily changed how cybercriminals operate, but it has radically shifted where and when we’re seeing spikes in cybersecurity attacks. As the pandemic has developed and moved across the world, the cyber threat ecosystem of related attacks has closely followed suit. Attacks related to Coronavirus initially appeared in Asia before similar attacks occurred in Eastern and subsequently Western Europe.

About the author

Dr Alex Tarter is Chief Cyber Consultant & CTO at Thales.

What’s clear is that hackers are hoping to capitalize on public fear. As a global population we have proactively sought out as much information as we can find to help inform our day-to-day lives, but also make us to feel safe. Many of instances of cybercrime in the wake of COVID-19 have been designed with this fear in mind, making it more important than ever that we approach cybercrime as a global issue which impacts healthcare organisations, individuals and businesses.

2. What attacks are hackers launching?

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