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ARRI Orbiter & SkyPanel Tech talk

The ARRI Orbiter was first announced just prior to IBC 2019 in Amsterdam. ARRI has held a Tech talk hosted by the Head of Product Management at ARRI Lighting, Florian Bloch where he talks about the Orbiter in a lot of detail. If you are interested in the Orbiter it is definitely worth a watch.

Florian also talks extensively about the Stella lighting app as well as new accessories for the SkyPanel.

New SkyPanel Accessories

Thee is new SkyPanel accessories including the DoP Choice Eyelight for the Octa 4 softbox. There are also new diffusion strengths available for the Octa 4.

Screenshot 2020 06 11 at 11 05 23 AM

There is also a new double bracket available so you can use two S60-C SkyPanels with the Octa 4.

ARRI has also announced a new B-Mount battery adapter for the SkyPanel lights. B-Mount was developed by ARRI and Bebob. B-Mount is a 24 Volt Battery Mount solution. ARRI is also looking into the feasibility of being able to use two 24 Volt B-Mount batteries so they could power an S60-C or S120-C at full power.

ARRI Orbiter

Screenshot 2020 06 11 at 10 46 55 AM

The Orbiter is already available to pre-order, but they aren’t expected to start shipping until Q3 this year.

We covered the Orbiter at IBC and you can see our interview with ARRI above.

Orbiter’s top features are a variety of optics including open face, projection, dome, and light banks, ARRI Spectra six-color wide gamut light engine; extremely powerful output for maximal brightness and perfect colors; the Lighting Operating System (LiOS) with powerful software features; integrated color sensor for matching ambient light; weatherproof housing; a removable, intuitive control panel; perfect smooth dimming to zero; a full suite of connectors and sensors; and an internal power supply, wireless DMX, and battery input. Orbiter’s state-of-the-art technology and versatile design makes it an optimal lamphead for today and for the future, with endless possibilities for updates, configurations, and enhancements.

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