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Tesla should be worried about Ford’s all-electric F150 pickup truck

Eventually, all types of vehicle will have to become electric as governments around the world look to crack down on high-emission vehicles. With this, manufacturers face a dilemma: shift iconic vehicles to electric power, or create something entirely new.

Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company’s COO, Jim Farley, spoke with CNBC and revealed the company will launch an all-electric F150 pickup truck and Transit van in “the next 24 months.”

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The company has previously said it would launch the F150 in late 2021. So it seems Ford is delaying the vehicle somewhat. However, Ford certainly shouldn’t rush it to market, but it needs to launch it swiftly if it’s to remain relevant in the truck world.

Nearly half of Ford’s sales come from its commercial vehicles, it can’t afford to take shortcuts. The F-series of pickup trucks is not just Ford’s best-selling vehicle, it’s the best-selling vehicle of its type in the US. In 2019, Ford sold nearly 897,000 of them. That’s more vehicles than Tesla, as an entire company, has sold since 2012.

The F150 isn’t just an icon, it’s a Goliath

Credit: Wikimedia – CC