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Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 – Newsshooter

Intellytech has announced the new Light Cannon X-100, a bi-colour, focusable COB LED light that only weighs 5 pounds.

A big feature of the Light Cannon X-100 is that it is tunable from 2,800K to 6,500K. The spread of the light beam can also be adjusted from a tight 15-degrees to a wide & soft 70-degrees.

This is quite impressive for such a compact & light fixture, weighing only 5 pounds (2.26kg).

Bowens Mount

The X-100 also uses a Bowens mount, but instead of mounting to the bare LED, it is on the lens so you can still control the spread in with modifiers mounted.

A wide range of Intellytech modifiers are available such as softboxes, snoots, reflectors, gobos and more. You can use any other third-party Bowens mount modifier as well.

Combined AC & Controller + Battery Options

The X-100 has a controller with a built-in AC Adapter, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. When not plugging in, power via a standard 14.8V battery (choose V-Mount or Gold Mount).

Built-In Effects

The X-100 has nine built-in effects:

Lightning 1
Lightning 2
TV Screen
High / Low Beam
Double Flash (Hazard)
Warm Breathing

DMX Control & Wireless

Using the RJ45 connectors on the Control Box, the X-100 can be controlled using a DMX512 board allowing creatives to use the X-100 in studio or in the field.

With the optional X-WR ($79 USD), users can control all aspects of the X-100 including output, color selection, and effects.

Lightweight & Compact

The X-100 is made from high-strength, aircraft grade aluminum. It measures in at 9″ x 5″ x 4.75″ and weighs just 5 pounds.

The yoke has been over-engineered with a handbrake locking mechanism to make sure it won’t sag or slip, even with large modifiers attached.

Whisper Quiet Fan + Heat Sink

To keep the light cool, a single 12v fan is used and is claimed to be as loud as a person breathing.

Pricing & availability

The Light Cannon X-100 retails for $699 USD and is available now in V-mount or Gold Mount variants. There are also 2 light & 3 light kits which offer extra savings.

It includes: X-100 Bowens Mount LED Light, Reflector, Controller W/ V-Mount or Gold Mount Battery Plate + Built-In AC Adapter, Strap, Wireless Antenna, Power Cable, Case

Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 – Gold Mount – $699 USD
Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 (2 light kit) – Gold Mount – $1399 USD
Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 (3 light kit) – Gold Mount – $1999 USD

Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 – V-Mount – $699 USD
Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 (2 light kit) – V-Mount – $1399 USD
Intellytech Light Cannon X-100 (3 light kit)- V-Mount – $1699 USD

X-WR Wireless Remote – $79 USD

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