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AMD Responds to Allegations of Ryzen Power Reporting Deviation Reducing CPU Life

AMD on Thursday posted its first official response to reports that the deviation in power reporting by the CPU VRM controller to a Ryzen processor against its actual power delivery may be shortening processor lifespan, sparked by HWInfo introducing the “Power Reporting Deviation” sensor. “We are aware of the reports claiming that select motherboards may be under-reporting certain power telemetry data that could alter the performance and/or behavior of AMD Ryzen processors under certain conditions. We are looking into the accuracy of these reports,” the response begins.

AMD also clarified that Ryzen processors aren’t dictated entirely by the power telemetry from VRM controllers. “We want to be clear with our customers: AMD Ryzen processors contain a diverse array of internal safeguards that operate independently of external data sources. These safeguards enforce the safety and reliability of the processor during stock operation. Based on our initial assessment, we do not believe that altering external telemetry in the manner described by those public reports would have a material impact on the longevity or safety of a user’s processor.” AMD’s response also suggests that the company isn’t aware of power reporting deviation or at least the extent to which motherboard manufacturers rely on tricking the external power telemetry setup to send more power to processors, in a bid to notch ahead in stock performance or overclocking headroom.

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