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How voice tech could shape the post-pandemic workplace

As workplaces grapple with the realities of reopening amid the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, voice technologies and contactless interfaces could provide the answer to re-establishing safe working environments.

Social distancing measures are still required in most countries and could remain in place until at least the end of the year to prevent fresh coronavirus outbreaks. And while there has been an enterprise  focus in recent months on collaboration and videoconferencing software as work-from-home necessities, companies now need to start think about bringing workers back in, according to Anthony Mullen, senior analyst at Gartner.

“There has definitely been an expectation of change,” Mullen said. “And it’s not just from staff, it’s managers and HR teams, too. Certainly, a lot of the larger organizations were already taking a conservative look at what the future of work was going to be like – but now they’re really obsessing over that.”

The result is that voice assistants that have so far gotten little traction at work – Alexa for Business, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google Home – biometrics, and even chatbots that use AI for speech recognition, could play prominent roles in keeping business going while helping workers keep their distance.

Having the right tools in place

In mid-March, when white-collar workers suddenly found themselves having to work from home en masse, a large number of organizations found themselves unprepared when it came to offering employees the necessary tools to remain productive.

After wide-scale spending on laptops, collaborative platforms and video-conferencing software, businesses caught short three months ago appear keen to get office re-openings right. That could mean a shift in spending from remote work tools to technology needed for workplace safety.

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