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Oppo to make its own mobile chipsets – here’s what we know

The US-China trade war has changed the dynamics of the technology industry like nothing else. As an aftereffect, Huawei’s growth has been crippled. It cannot use Google Mobile Service nor does it have easy access to critical components like a smartphone processor anymore. As a result, Huawei’s smartphones are literally a no go outside China and the company has been busy in finding appropriate “partners” to get component supplies.

As an after effect, other Chinese smartphone brands are also now focusing more on becoming self-reliant and using decreasing their dependence on US companies like Qualcomm etc. Oppo is one such company that as per previous reports has been on a hiring spree recruiting experts from various chip makers. Now, Caixin reports that Oppo’s President in China Liu Bo has confirmed that the company plans to make its own mobile chipsets.

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