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BigSpring bets on upskilling for ‘all collar’ jobs, mobile first strategy


BigSpring, a startup with a mobile-first learning platform and more than 500,000 users, is betting there’s a market for a next-gen online learning and upskilling platform.

Online learning and upskilling have become a hot space amid digital transformation and the move to remote work. BigSpring has been in stealth for 24 months, but has early customers such as Google, Uber, United Technologies and Tata Steel.

The company also was awarded as a technology pioneer by World Economic Forum, which selected more than 100 companies shaping industries.

BigSpring’s platform is aimed at multiple job roles from knowledge workers to frontline employees, contractors and channel partners. In addition, BigSpring is facing competition from a bulked-up Cornerstone OnDemand as well as LinkedIn Learning, Workday and other platforms.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, upskilling was a key topic due to automation and artificial intelligence. Now upskilling is a key factor due to worker displacement and digital transformation that has accelerated.

BigSpring’s platform has the following features:

  • Mobile-first architecture that personalizes learning and reaches workers wherever they are.
  • Personalized, job relevant skill sets and portfolios to showcase proficiency.
  • A community of peers and coaches for learning.
  • Return on investment measurements from learning activities and increased productivity.
  • According to BigSpring, customers have been able to improve upsell conversion and customer service ratings by contract service technicians, bolster service quality and speed up onboarding of employees.  

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