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BlueJeans touts new security, collaboration features

Video-conferencing platform BlueJeans Network is bolstering its software with in-meeting features to help improve the work-from-home experience of its users and better position itself against rivals.

Since its acquisition by Verizon, BlueJeans has seen usage soar as video conferencing has become a staple for workers sent home during the pandemic; the company reported a 300% increase in use compared to its pre COVID-19 average.

The new features unveiled today are a direct response to “rising customer demand for more natural collaboration,” the company said in a statement. The new changes fall into two categories: enhanced user security and moves to fight work-from-home (WFH) fatigue so remote workers can remain productive.

With a nod to security issues that have plagued other platforms since the start of the pandemic, BlueJeans now offers several tools meeting hosts can use to protect meetings. These include additional authentication modes for restricting meeting access to invited participants only; AES-256 GCM encryption; screen-sharing capabilities; a new waiting room experience; and a meeting lock to stop unwanted guests from joining a call mid-meeting.

The AES-256 GCM encryption will apply to all video, audio and content in transit.

To combat the tedium that can arise from constant video calls, BlueJeans said it’s looking to simulate a more natural, in-person work experience to improve engagement and boost collaboration. Participants on video calls will get new in-meeting interaction capabilities, including a “raise hand” option, hand clapping, thumbs up/down and “drop the mic” features. BlueJeans has also boosted emoji support within its chat function so “attendees can easily inject emotion or humor into their conversations.”

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