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Next-generation Microsoft Surface Laptop Could be Packing AMD’s 16-thread R7 4800U CPU

A 3D mark entry uncovered by database spelunker Tum_Apisak, since shared on Twitter, points towards Microsoft incorporating AMD’s latest and greatest mobility-geared CPU in one of their upcoming product refreshes. The database entry register an unknown Microsoft device carrying ÃMD’s Ryzen 7 4800U CPU. All specs are correct for this CPU – GPU cores, GPU clock, as well as CPU base and boost clocks.

While we can’t know for sure this is Microsoft’s next iteration of the Surface Laptop, assuming it is just an educated guess. Microsoft’s current-gen Surface Laptop 3 shipped in a special, AMD-inside edition in the form of the “Microsoft Surface Edition” Ryzen 5 3580U – and if Microsoft included an AMD Zen+ CPU manufactured in a 12 nm fabrication process inside their Surface Laptop, we would find it very hard to justify not including the much-improved Ryzen 7 4800U – the chip is better in any conceivable way compared to its last-gen counterpart. This is a sure way of improving overall performance and battery life of their Surface Laptops compared to what the competition has currently available.

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