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What is process mining? Refining business processes with data analytics

Process mining definition

Process mining is a methodology by which organizations collect data from existing systems to objectively visualize how business processes operate and how they can be improved. Analytical insights derived from process mining can help optimize digital transformation initiatives across the organization.

In the past, process mining was most widely used in manufacturing to reduce errors and physical labor. Today, as companies increasingly adopt emerging automation and AI technologies, process mining has become a priority for organizations across every industry. Process mining is an important tool for organizations that are committed to continuously improving IT and business processes.

How does process mining work?

Process mining begins by evaluating established IT or business processes to find repetitive tasks that can by automated using technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and machine learning. By automating repetitive or mundane tasks, organizations can increase efficiency and productivity — and free up workers to spend more time on creative or complex projects. Automation also helps reduce inconsistencies and errors in process outcomes by minimizing variances. Once an IT or business process is developed, it’s important to consistently check back to ensure the process is delivering appropriate outcomes — and that’s where process mining comes in.

For example, an IT department might decide to automate its help desk ticketing system. Previously, an employee would take time to review a ticket, determine the correct category and assign it to the right employee. IT departments can create automated processes to categorize and assign tickets as they come in — freeing up workers to spend more time addressing customer issues. Once these automated processes are in place, however, it’s equally important to ensure the process regularly delivers the intended outcome. As new technologies are implemented, process mining can help the company retool the process to accommodate new ticket categories, staffing changes and varying industry trends.

Process mining techniques

Process mining enables organizations to ensure automated processes are efficient, consistent and reliable. With process mining, companies can enable automated decision making, simulate processes to predict future outcomes, identify gaps in organizational leadership and ensure implemented processes are continuously improved. There are three classes of process mining techniques, each of which reflects a specific use case or focus for process mining:


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