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Learn from Oscar-winning editor Tom Cross ACE

MZed has just released a course from Oscar-winning editor Tom Cross ACE, titled ‘The Art & Technique of Film Editing with Tom Cross‘.

According to MZed, the course teaches you the practices that are expected of feature-film editors working in Hollywood, as well as the processes and methodologies that have made Tom one of the leading editors working in the industry today.

About Tom Cross, ACE

Tom Cross, ACE is an Oscar & BAFTA-winning film editor, best known for his collaborations with director Damien Chazelle, including Whiplash, La La Land and First Man. He started in commercial editing but all up he’s been working in the industry for over twenty years.

What will I learn?

With over eight hours of content, Tom covers a wide range of topics from wall cards, editing styles, storyboards & screenings.

In addition to the lectures, Tom also shares in-depth reconstructions of a number of scenes from some of his biggest projects including La La Land, First Man, Whiplash and more.

This is one of the few online courses we’ve seen (perhaps the only one) where an editor really goes in-depth on the “why” of their edits. There’s countless resources both paid and free to teach you how to operate an NLE, but very few places to understand concepts like rhythm, pacing, tone and style.

In-depth reconstructions of scenes from La La Land, First Man, Whiplash & more

How can I watch the course?

The course is available in a bundle with a 12-month MZed Pro subscription for $399 (saving $149) or $249 to download & keep forever.

The first lesson is available to watch for free so you can get a feel for what the course is like and see if it’s worth your investment.

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