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The world’s largest Android ‘tablet’ has an 98-inch screen and a subwoofer

ViewSonic IFP9850 4K Ultra HD Display – $9,499.00
(roughly £7,600/AU$13,800)
This exceedingly large touchscreen monitor from ViewSonic is roughly the same size as four 50-inch television sets combined. It features 20-point touch, making it great for classroom or boardroom collaboration, and also comes with its own penta-core thin client.View Deal

At 98 inches, the ViewSonic IFP9850 4K Ultra HD Display is probably one of the largest monitors with a touchscreen on the market. Think of it as a giant tablet with 20-point touch and a surface area roughly equivalent to four 50-inch television sets.

Although aimed primarily at schools and businesses, it could also prove useful for serving interactive multimedia content to a sizeable live audience – think demonstrations, events, conferences etc. 

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