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The Best Surface Pro Accessories

Microsoft’s Surface Pro, whether it’s the new Pro 7, the 2018 Surface Pro 6, or one of the older versions, straddles the line between laptop and tablet by offering users a full-featured computing experience in a compact package. It’s a powerful device, but right out of the box it can seem a little barebones. Without a keyboard or Surface Pen, it’s just a Windows-based tablet.

With that in mind, we put together a list of the best Surface Pro accessories to help you get the most out of Microsoft’s detachable 2-in-1 PC.

Surface Pen

Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends

The Surface Pen is such an essential part of the Surface Pro experience that previous versions just included it in the box. Unfortunately, Microsoft now opts to provide it only as an optional accessory, but it’s such a killer creative tool that it’s definitely worth the price. Without it, the Surface Pro is a powerful Windows-based tablet, but with the Surface Pen, it’s a mobile sketchpad, notebook, and professional-grade artistic suite.

Surface Pen Tip Kit

On its own, the Surface Pen is a versatile tool for note-taking or artistic endeavors, but it’s still not quite as tactile as a real pen or pencil. With the optional tip kit, however, it comes remarkably close to the real thing. These optional tips allow users to customize the friction and drag of their Surface Pens, based on use or just personal preference. One emulates the frictionless glide of a ballpoint pen, while another provides the crisp and slightly resistant drag of a number two pencil. Plus, it’s a handy kit to keep around just in case you lose your Surface Pen’s tip.

Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pen 2017
Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends

This thing might not be for everyone, as it’s both really weird and really cool. Have you ever adjusted the volume on a high-end stereo system and experienced that ever-so-slight resistance and smooth scrolling action? Microsoft had the crazy idea to put that kind of user experience into a unique peripheral designed for use with its high-end Surface Studio desktop. The Surface Pro doesn’t have the same screen real estate, but the Dial is still a worthy companion for Microsoft’s 2-in-1 PC. On its own, it can be used to adjust system volume, rotate images, and scroll seamlessly through options in professional creative suites like Adobe Photoshop.

Surface Arc Mouse

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pen 2017
Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends

Even if you spend most of your time using the Surface Pro as an artistic tool, now and then you might need to use it as a standard laptop. That’s where the Surface Arc mouse comes in, as sometimes you just need a mouse to easily navigate browser tabs or all those fiddly little options in Microsoft Word. To make sure it’s always with you on the go, the Surface Arc actually bends to a flat position, so it’s easier to toss into a messenger bag pocket than a typical wireless mouse. When it’s time to work, just snap it into mouse mode, with a comfy little curve for your hand. From there, just pair it up with Bluetooth and start clicking through those browser tabs.

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

The Surface Pro can be used with just the on-screen keyboard, but try typing your way through anything longer than a quick email and you’ll start to feel the touchscreen limitations. Naturally, Microsoft developed its own ultra-fancy keyboard cover for the Surface Pro that turns an ordinary tablet into a portable — and super-soft — workstation. Clad in luxurious Alcantara material, the Signature Type Cover will set you back about $160, but for usability’s sake, it’s definitely worth the cost. The Surface Pro is marketed as an alternative to a standard laptop, but without an external keyboard like the Signature Type Cover, it just doesn’t get the job done.

Outback Solo Case for Surface

Outback Solo Case

Now that you have all this extra stuff to turn your Surface Pro into a mobile workstation, you probably need something to carry it. San Francisco’s own Waterfield has you covered with the Outback Solo. With it, you can easily carry around your Surface Pro (with or without the Type Cover), an external mouse, and a few other everyday carry items. What’s nice about this particular messenger bag — compared to the thousands of other messenger bags out there which would easily fit your Surface Pro — is that you can just remove the strap entirely for easy carrying as a particularly luxurious Surface Pro sleeve.

Surface Dock

Microsoft Surface Dock

The Surface Pro is marketed as a potential laptop replacement, and it can definitely get the job done, but not without a little help. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, but it has a notable lack of ports. This device aims to remedy that, but don’t judge it by its high price. Sure, $200 is a lot for what amounts to a USB hub, but this thing is more than that. The Surface Dock sits on a desk and plugs directly into the Surface Pro, charging it while offering extra USB ports, two Mini-DisplayPort plugs, and an ethernet jack. Paired with an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard and this thing turns your Surface Pro into a portable desktop workstation.

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