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Transform the way you do business with invoice automation

Automating invoice management processes can transform the way your Accounts Payable team operates and there has never been a better time to adopt an electronic invoicing software solution. According to the latest research by Billentis, 550 billion invoices are processed annually and only 10% of these are paperless. Eliminating paper invoices and choosing electronic invoicing will help increase your internal productivity, decrease operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing to streamline the invoicing process with automation, you are choosing to optimize your business.

About the author

Vincent Beerman, Senior Director of Product – Platform, AI and Data Insights at Taulia.

An electronic invoice is the digital vision of a paper invoice. While most suppliers create their invoices in a digital format and most buyers approve the invoice in a digital format, there is often a gap in between where the invoices are either printed and mailed or saved as a PDF document and sent by email.

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