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The stock market crashes every time Lil Yachty releases music, a theory

There’s a theory that posits records released by Lil Yachty cause the stock market to crash. And so, a resourceful trader might look to sell stock just before the US rapper drops new music.

Indeed, online trading communities like Reddit’s /r/wallstreetbets regularly debate whether to exit their positions ahead of Yachty releases, albeit sarcastically.

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In fact, the correlation between his records and falls in the S&P 500 (SPX) is so pronounced that posters even joked about the potential effect of Yachty crashing his red Ferrari on the Atlanta Freeway late Tuesday evening.

Lil Yachty in the news: Good or bad for stocks?

Hard Fork attempted to prove the supposed Lil Yachty/SPX connection. On the chart below, the green line depicts SPX’s market performance since 2015 (the year that Yachty released his first EP Summer Songs, specific date unknown according to Wikipedia).

Note that the entire year is basically a write-off: sideways overall with a giant dip in the third quarter.