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DISH.TC Pro – Universal Timecode

Previously we have covered the DISH.TC unit which uses satellites to embed timestamps into files. After a successful campaign, being fully funded the units are being used all around the world.

Since then, Ari & the team have received plenty of feedback and are back with a new Kickstarter campaign for the DISH.TC PRO:

How does DISH:TC work?

DISH.TC takes time from atomic clocks in orbit. Every DISH.TC, anywhere in the world, always has the exact same time. You never need to jam them. They never drift. They receive continuous updates from satellites. And if you lose signal, an onboard TCXO holds you over until you reacquire it.

The timecode is embedded into files, which allows the files to easily sync on an editing timeline.

Screen Shot 2019 04 28 at 9 48 02 AM

Dish has been designed to be plug and play. By using satellite time signals the Dish devices always use UTC so they will never drift. This also allows every single Dish device to provide the same timecode to any camera or device regardless of where it is located. As there is no need to use one device as a master time code source it certainly simplifies the whole process.

What’s the difference with the Pro model?

DISH.TC PRO with BNC connector

The original DISH:TC had a locking 3.5mm connector that was used to output the timecode signal.

The new DISH:TC PRO model now has a BNC jack and line-level output as well as selectable frame rates.

It is still powered by two AA batteries, with an estimated run-time of 40 hours. There is also a single 1/4 mount.

Pricing & Availability

The Dish.TC PRO: units are expected to start shipping in November 2020. The prices are as follows:

Single Dish Timecode unit with Y-splitter cable
Early Bird – $209 USD, save $90
Single Unit: $239 USD, save $60
Double Unit: $419 USD, save $120
Multicam Early Bird 5x Units: $1,049, save $450
Multicam 5x Units: $1,199, save $300

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