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Blind Koala in Care Winks at the Camera [Video]

A blind rescued koala winked at the camera in Port Stephens, New South Wales.

The female koala, Maree, was rescued back in 2017 after she had been hit by a vehicle. She lost her sight as her brain suffered permanent injuries after the incident.

“After a long observation and mobility tests, the neurologist determined that Maree has a permanent frontal lobe injury which causes her to circle to the right when on the ground,” PJ Rawson, Media Manager for Port Stephens Koalas, told Storyful.

Rawson said that because of the injury, Maree was unable to be released into the wild so the sanctuary applied for a permit to keep Maree in permanent care.

This video shows Maree appearing to wink at the camera on May 5. Credit: Port Stephens Koalas via Storyful

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