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Dark room photography: Indore environmentalist has collection of over 50 cameras | Indore News

Indore-based environmentalist, Bhalu Monde has a collection of over 50 cameras and everything related to the d…Read More

INDORE: Gone are the days, when people would have to wait for the reel to get developed to have a look at the shot.
Now that phones have an in-built camera attached to it, everyone other person is a photographer. Mobile phones and digital cameras have replaced the old conventional ones.
However, there still are some residents of the city who have been holding onto the antique cameras.
City-based environmentalist, Bhalu Monde has been pursuing his photography passion for five decades now have a collection of over 50 cameras and everything related to the dark room photography.
“I had bought Hasselblad camera in the year 1969 which was my most expensive camera. I also have 6 by 6 camera, 35mm, Yashica, Nikon, Kodak and many other cameras which I bought over the years. Now I also have DSLR,” said Monde.
Although, some of these are not even functional, Monde decided not to throw anything away and has treasured all his cameras and equipments.
Using chemicals and light exposure just to produce a picture used to take a long time. However, now there’s nothing such as dark room available.
Mostly all the studios are now making use of digital cameras. Digital cameras are extremely easy. One can take a lot of pictures at a time. During those days people used to have films which used to limit the number of pictures.
Therefore, people used to think a lot before taking a picture, said city-based professional Sanjay Victor who has kept his two decades old Kodak camera. It has been four to five years that the labs have been shut but Bablu still has an antique camera which used to be called as 120 negative.
On the other hand, some of the residents have also kept the antique cameras in the memory of their beloved. Wedding photographer, Vicky Panchal said that he still has a Yashica mat 120 mm Ess type which was handed him over by his grandfather.
“My grandfather had two cameras. One camera wasn’t functional so we had put it in the fish aquarium and I regret it. But, we still have the other camera,” he added.

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