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Hey Apple, here’s some other shit not to include with iPhones

Looks like the rumors are gathering pace: the iPhone 12 might not come with a charger or earbuds in the box.

You might think this is a shameless cash grab, a way of forcing you to shell out another $60 or $70 just to use the product you already paid around a grand for, but you’d be wrong. This is capitalism, baby.

Let’s put it out there: Apple needs our help. As of writing, the company was only the second most valuable in the world, with a market cap barely nudging $1.5 trillion and a paltry $192.8 billion in cash reserves.

And the iPhone? Well, it only accounts for around 50% of the company’s revenue. Oh, and Apple’s Q2 2020 revenue figures hit a modest $58.3 billion.

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Genuinely, Apple needs each and every one of us to muck in and get it out of this devastating hole. We’ve already sacrificed the headphone jack adaptor with the iPhone 11, and are set to lose the charger and earbuds from the iPhone 12, but this isn’t enough.

We, the people, need to give up more and more stuff to ensure each and every Apple employee can have the golden Segway they deserve. And that’s why I’m here: to suggest what Apple can jettison with the iPhone 13 to ensure it can live the life it desires.

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