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Ray Rig – Lightweight Hitch Adapter

The Ray Rig from Ascending Works is a lightweight hitch adapter designed to provide support for a vibration plate and gimbal.

This adapter is ideal for quick use with vehicles that are equipped with a 2″ hitch receiver in either the front or back (or both).

RayRigProduct 3

The Ray Rig was conceptualised by filmmaker Chris Ray, and provides a fast and easy way to rig up a vehicle for tracking shots.

Mounting a cinema camera package with a full-size gimbal to a car typically requires a lot of rigging with speed rail or suction cups with safety tethers. The Ray Rig connects to a vehicle hitch and provides a Mitchell mount where you can place a vibration isolator like the Kessler Killshock, ready for your cinema package.

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The mount is built from 6061 aluminium and weighs 4.79lbs. It has dimensions of 31″ x 7.25″ and is black anodized for durability.

Pricing & Availability

The Ray Rig retails for $500 USD and is shipping now.

RayRigProduct 2

Ascending Works also has a Mitchel Castle Nut tool and extra bits kit for $50 each.

Mitchel Castle Nut Tool
Mitchel Castle Nut Tool
Extra Bits Kit
Extra Bits Kit
1x 5/8 Hitch Pin 
1x Safety Bolt
1x Anti-Rattle Hitch Stabilizer 

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