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MevoFit: Technology for health, fitness and lifestyle

India’s prominent fitness and lifestyle brand, MevoFit is busy blending the line between fitness and technology through its extensive product lines and online virtual services. 

It offers products in multiple categories like Active Gears, Smart Wearables, Bluetooth Speakers, and Health Foods for all fitness-minded customers. 

From exclusive online range of Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers, Bluetooth Wireless Headphones & Speakers, Gym bags, Gym wear, Yoga and Exercise Mats, and Green Tea, it offers an excellent portfolio of products for a lifestyle that makes a difference, a real healthy one.

MevoFit provides its users with access to all its fitness products as well as virtual online services for health with its app. The MevoFit app is home to all fitness tracking and is best used with its smart fitness watches and trackers for building a healthy lifestyle and consistent scientific monitoring. 

You can visit
MevoFit Online Store or download the “MevoFit Fitness Tracker app for exciting deals and loyalty rewards with every purchase that you make. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

MevoFit products: Enabling sports, fitness and health in lifestyle

MevoFit is leveraging wearable technology so all fitness-minded professionals could quantify their progress on an hourly or daily basis, and also take steps to better their performance in the same time-frame. 

These wearables are marked by highly precise Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers, and are well supported by an allied range of Active Wears, Gym Bags, Yoga Mats, Bluetooth Headphones and Health Food.

These are all high-quality products that are crafted with a lot of precision and thought to cater to the growing community of active customers. Starting from smartwatches and all the way to its gym bags, the brand has demonstrated a clear vision to offer a personality-based and functionality-centric lineup of excellent products that one can choose from. 

MevoFit is one of the leading players in offering top-notch fitness products in India and the US. It aims to provide unified access to an all-pervasive fitness ecosystem comprising equipment, apps, social community, and a loyalty rewards program. 

The brand has also positioned itself as a prominent source of quality fitness products, service and style, with not just consumers but also towards the B2B fulfillment for companies who have binged its products for its corporate needs. 

Mevo virtual health: Online health services on your fingertips 

Riding on the success wave of its top-notch products, this fitness brand has differentiated itself as a singular virtual marketplace with a host of fitness-centric services by professionals of national and international repute. 

This includes a comprehensive gamut of customer-centric subscriptions for nutritionists, dietitians, fitness trainers, mental experts, and doctors that one could talk to and get one’s query resolved.The platform for both health consumers & professionals offers on demand instant virtual professional advice and personalized services related to fitness, wellness, lifestyle and healthcare by experts across the globe, with built-in audio/video conference. Now get health consulting anytime you want, anywhere you want, on the
MevoFit Virtual Health Services Platform with instant advice from a host of health and fitness professionals.

Mandira Bedi: Rolling dice on power fitness with MevoFit 

MevoFit is indeed proud to share its views on fitness with matinee idol, Mandira Bedi, and considers her a perfect role model for professionals. She is an actress, fashion designer, and television anchor who has also presented prestigious events like ICC Cricket World Cups and Indian Premier League on television. She is a popular name among starlets and is known for her undeniable passion to stay physically fit.

Expressing her excitement to be involved with MevoFit’s technology-centered fitness products and services, Mandira said, _“MevoFit’s premium range is simple, smart and superior, backed by innovation and technology.”_ She further acknowledged, _“I keep Fit with MevoFit – The Absolute Fitness, that offers superior fitness products from smart fitness watches, wireless audio for workouts, gym gear and bags, yoga mats to organic teas.”

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of MevoFit by Times Internet’s Spotlight team

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