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Tilta Cooling Kit for the Canon EOS R5

Tilta has announced a Cooling Cage for the EOS R5. Yes, that is a big external fan strapped to the back of the camera that you are seeing in the image above.

No, it isn’t April 1st, this is a real product that will be coming to market. With numerous reports of overheating issues with both the R5 & R6 surfacing, Tilta has taken it upon themselves to come up with a solution.

The Tilta Cooling Kit is designed to be used with the companies upcoming Tactical camera Cage and it sits in the body cavity of the R5 behind where the screen flips out.

Screenshot 2020 07 26 at 8 44 34 AM

Tilta claims that the Cooling Unit utilizes an ultra-thin design and that it can provide instant temperature reductions for the EOS R5. They also state that the temperature of the camera can be reduced to just 59F (15C) within 1 minute.

Screenshot 2020 07 26 at 8 56 40 AM

They also list that the maximum temperature reduction is 82F (27.8C). I’m not exactly sure what this is referring to.

Screenshot 2020 07 26 at 8 53 02 AM

The fan consists of a cooling board, a low noise fan, ventilation columns, a cooling chip, and a cooling board.

Screenshot 2020 07 26 at 9 01 13 AM

It is powered through USB-C. There are USB-C inputs on either side of the Cooling Unit. The Cooling Unit is also said to use an NTC smart temperature control switch. This allows it to turn on and off depending on the temperature and if there is any build-up of moisture.

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