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We charted the battery life of Google Pixel phones

One of the biggest stories around the launch of the Pixel 4 was its reduced battery life in comparison to the previous model. Now, with the Pixel 4a still in purgatory — but supposedly coming out soon (??) — I had a thought: what would a comparison of the battery life of Google Pixel phones look like?

Did the Pixel 4 range have a battery that was that bad? How has this evolved across different devices?

Well, we made some graphs to find out. Because, well, yes, I’ve got little better to do. And what of it?

First though, the methodology.

How we compared the battery life of Google Pixel phones

Our data on battery life is from GSMArena, as it has the broadest information on this topic.

We have used four main data points on our graph. The Endurance Rating — which is the key figure — tells you how much time you’ll get from a phone before it runs out of battery after doing an hour of calls, an hour of video playback, and one hour of web browsing.

For example, the endurance rating of the Pixel 4 XL is 4,380 minutes. This means the device will last for that length of time after doing an hour of each of the activities outlined above.

The other three data points are worked out in a similar way — but we increased the time. So we have graphed how long the battery life of Google Pixel phones will last after four hours of calls, video playback, and web browsing. We achieved this with the rather helpful slider: