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Netflix has 5 new original movies coming soon that you need to watch in 2020

If like us, you’ve spent the majority of this year burning through the best Netflix movies and streaming everything else you can get your hands on, you’re probably wondering what else will be worth watching this year. Netflix has already finished filming its 2020 line-up of original movies – so it’s still got plenty of films in the can, even while many of its 2021 TV shows have been slowly getting back to production (The Witcher season 2 and Sex Education season 3 for example).  

Meanwhile, theaters still face an uncertain future. Tenet may have released around the world to steady box office returns, but the second half of the year is still unpredictable, with a recent Deadline report noting that movies like Dune and Wonder Woman 1984 may be moved back to 2021 and November respectively (though this hasn’t been officially announced).

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