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How to Cancel Amazon Prime on Desktop and App

There are a huge number of benefits in signing up to Amazon Prime, and thousands of new customers subscribe to take advantage of events like Prime Day, which is likely to be in October this year instead of July.

Among other things, Amazon Prime offers free delivery, but if you forget to cancel before the trial ends you will be charged £7.99/US$12.99 per month. Here’s what to do to if you wish to unsubscribe from Prime or just keep Prime Video.

How to cancel Prime on mobile

1. Open the Amazon Shopping app and click on the 

menu icon at the top left. Then click on Your Account.

How to cancel Prime on mobile

2. Click on Prime Membership.

Amazon Prime Cancellation on Mobile

3. Next, click on the drop-down that says Manage membership. This should reveal three options. Click on Membership at the bottom.

Amazon Prime Cancellation on Mobile

4. Click on End Membership.

Amazon Prime Cancellation on Mobile

How to cancel Prime on desktop

  • Log into Amazon
  • Hover over ‘Account & Lists’ and click on ‘Your Account’

Cancel Amazon Prime

  • Click on ‘Prime – View benefits and payment settings’

Amazon Prime Cancellation Desktop

  • Click on Manage Membership

Prime Cancellation Desktop

Amazon Prime Cancellation Desktop

  • Amazon will try to tempt you to remain a member, but if you’re sure you want to cancel, click ‘I Do Not Want My Benefits’ at the bottom, centre, of the page.

Amazon Prime Cancellation Desktop

If you have paid for Prime but have not used any of its benefits, you can request a refund.

How to check if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime

You might think you’re not signed up to Prime, but Amazon’s approach means it might have slipped past your radar. Plenty of unwitting Amazon Prime customers have complained they had no idea they were signed up and had already been charged.

First check your credit card or bank statements to see if Amazon has charged you £79/US$119 for the annual Prime membership, or £7.99/US$12.99 per month (if you signed up for the monthly plan).

You can also check whether you have an Amazon Prime account by signing into Your Account on the Amazon website. Click on your Prime management settings as above. The next page should tell you whether you are subscribed to the service. If you are, you can cancel your membership there and then.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime, your membership is set to automatically renew each year. You can turn off this automatic renewal at any time – even during a free trial period.

How to change an Amazon Prime membership

You can also cancel Prime and continue with Prime Video. Before, Amazon would let you adjust this directly in your Prime Membership management settings (as shown below), but now the only way is to cancel your Prime account and then sign up separately for Prime Video again, which costs £5.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Do not continue 2

To sign up for Prime Video alone, head to the Prime Sign Up page and click on ‘See More Plans’ under the ‘Start Your 30-Day Free Trial’ button.

Cancel Prime - Keep Prime Video only

Choose Prime Video from the options to continue.

Choose Prime Video

How to get an Amazon Prime refund

Paid members who haven’t placed an Amazon Prime order are eligible for a full refund. You can’t receive a refund if any of the household members have placed an Amazon Prime eligible order.

When you cancel a paid Prime membership you may automatically receive a refund.

You can also apply for a refund by visiting: and making your request via the phone, email or online chat.

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