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South Park season 24: release date, trailer and what we know about the show’s future

South Park season 24’s release date hasn’t technically been announced – but a new one-hour episode is coming on September 30, it’s been confirmed. With more than 300 episodes now under its belt, Comedy Central’s adult animated sitcom remains evergreen, even if its quality still fluctuates wildly between seasons. In South Park season 23, the show was pretty much on form, with a lot of focus placed on a storyline involving Randy Marsh’s Tegridy Farms.

South Park season 24 was confirmed in 2019, when the show was renewed through 2022. The show’s popularity clearly isn’t waning: HBO Max reportedly paid more than $500 million just to stream old episodes of the show, and episodes like ‘Band in China’ suggest the show can still grab headlines over (relatively minor) controversies.

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