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Mavic Mini 2 Release Date, Price & Specs Rumours

It was roughly this time a year ago that DJI announced what had been rumoured for months previously: a super-lightweight drone that came in under the minimum requirements for registration in the US, UK and other countries.

Not only that: it wasn’t too expensive. So, combined with the convenience of being able to fly it (where permitted) without having to pay and potentially label up your drone with its registration number, the Mavic Mini was unsurprisingly popular.

Being light, it could fly for longer, so the only drawbacks were the lack of obstacle avoidance and that it maxed out at 2.7K video.

If DJI could fix at least the latter by bumping it up to 4K (and not cannibalising its more expensive Mavic drones in the process) then it could have another winner in the form of a Mavic Mini 2.

It’s unlikely that obstacle avoidance could be added, though. For one, extra kit adds extra weight and where every gram matters, this is one feature which was ditched on the original to keep it under 250g.

The other reason is cost: extra sensors cost more money, and the Mavic Mini is an entry-level device (discounting the Tello, which is sold by DJI but which doesn’t carry its brand).

The original Mavic Mini’s video topped out at 2.7K

DJI Mavic Mini 2 release date rumours

Expected announcement date: Before end of October 2020

The main reason for believing a second-gen drone is on the cards isn’t simply because a year has passed since the Mavic Mini was released.

It’s because a Twitter user – @OsitaLV – has a good track record when it comes to DJI leaks. This time, however, there’s no leaked photo of early samples or an FCC filing that proves the drone’s existence. It’s merely a statement that the Mavic Mini 2 is coming.

Of course, this could mean anything in terms of a release date, but stating it now, a little before a year had passed since the Mavic Mini’s unveiling, could well suggest it’s imminent.

Many had speculated that the Mavic 3 would launch this year. Indeed, we wrote about it back in March before the Mavic Air 2 was announced. But that hasn’t happened yet, and DJI surely has new models in the works for launch before Christmas.

The holiday season is the one to hit for consumer gadgets, which is why a Mavic Mini 2 announcement before the end of October makes sense.

What will the Mavic Mini 2 cost?

In the UK, the original Mavic Mini cost £369 ($399 in the US), so it would be in DJI’s interests to keep a sub-£400/$400 price. Any higher and those impulse buyers could be put off, but of course if buyers want 4K they may have to pay for it.

Obviously, this is all just speculation at this point: there aren’t any leaks or rumours beyond the tweet above.

We expect more details to surface over the next couple of weeks, even if it’s just the announcement of a DJI online event. But when that happens and should any leaks occur, we’ll update this article.

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