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Fast Charge ep. 35: Pixel 5, Xiaomi Mi 10T & Oppo Reno 4

Apparently no-one told Xiaomi when Google had its Pixel event, because we’ve not only seen two enormous phone launches in the same week, but on the same day.

The bigger launch (sorry Xiaomi) is the Google Pixel 5, along with the Pixel 4a 5G, which both see Google reposition the Pixel line. It’s a little less flagship, and a little less flashy, but it’s more affordable and focuses more on the features that really matter to most users.

The Pixels may be cheaper, but they’ve got nothing on Xiaomi’s Mi 10T series. The three Mi 10T phones deliver absurd specs for the price, going up to 144Hz displays and featuring the debut of the Snapdragon 750G on the budget Mi 10T Lite.

And finally, Oppo also released phones. It’s maybe a touch less exciting, but the Reno 4 series is now rolling out to the UK and Europe after launching elsewhere earlier in the year. We loved the Find X2 range, but what do the new Renos have to offer?

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