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The iPhone 12 Pro Max Could Be The True Apple Flagship

The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max were, display and battery aside, virtually identical, but a recent rumour suggests that could all change with this year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. That’s the claim from EverythingApplePro, working with leaker Max Weinbach, anyway.

According to the pair, who explained the current situation with Apple’s upcoming flagship range in a recent YouTube video, there will be enough differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max that only the larger 6.7in model will truly “be considered a flagship”. Why? One big difference is the rumoured refresh rate.

Rumours have been going back and forth over recent months as to whether Apple will include the 120Hz ProMotion display tech of the iPad Pro range in the iPhone 12 range. The general consensus right now is that Apple is planning to hold back the 120Hz display tech amid rumoured issues about battery life, but EAP and Weinbach suggest that there will be a 120Hz panel, but only on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Assuming that’s correct, it could be down to the larger battery in the Pro Max model being able to negate battery issues to a usable level, but the pair’s source didn’t provide an explanation.   

Interestingly, the EAP source claims that despite rumours suggesting both the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will feature the LiDAR depth sensor found on the 2020 iPad Pro range, it’ll only be the iPhone 12 Pro Max that gets the feature.

It’s not all good news though. According to the source, who has had hands-on time with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there’s one problem: the flat edges of the new design. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was allegedly uncomfortable to hold with sharp corners digging into the palm of their hand. Your experience may differ depending on your hand size, grip and whether you’re using a case, but it’s certainly disappointing that the best-of-the-best may be flawed for some users.

Rumours have suggested for some time that Apple won’t include a charger in the iPhone 12 box, and that has been confirmed by the EAP source. It’s not a surprise given the fact Apple has already done this with the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, with the desire to reduce electronic waste. In a similar vein, Apple is said to include a higher quality braided Lightning cable in the box to stop the cable fraying and thus, having to buy a new one.

Pro range aside, there are allegedly four models of iPhone 12 set to be announced in October. Alongside the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, you’ve got the standard iPhone 12 and the new ‘iPhone 12 Mini’. Per rumours, the iPhone 12 will sport a 6.1in display, like the iPhone 12 Pro, but won’t sport the triple camera array, instead opting for the same wide and ultra-wide combination as the iPhone 11 range. The iPhone 12 Mini is a newcomer, rumoured to measure in at a smaller 5.4in, sporting the same basic components as the iPhone 12 in a smaller form factor.

Despite the various form factors, the entire iPhone 12 range is rumoured to sport the A14 Bionic chipset that made its debut with the iPad Air at Apple’s Time Flies event in early September. The iPhone 12 range is rumoured to be announced in early October – if you want to find out more, take a look at the latest iPhone 12 news.

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