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Bose Unveils Sleepbuds 2 Digital Earplugs for Bedtime

Hot on the heels of the QC Earbuds, Bose has announced the Sleepbuds 2 as the next generation of its wearable for nighttime.

Battery issue aside, Bose says this second-gen effort offer better noise-masking than before and have a range of new content to help users relax.

Wearing earbuds at night means comfort is paramount so Bose has combined a new “acoustic and electronics design” so the Sleepbuds 2 are just 6.35mm deep and lighter than a coin (what coin, we don’t know) and have proprietary ear tips for a secure fit.

Note that these aren’t wireless earbuds with active noise cancelling like the QC Earbuds. Nor can you use them for music or phone calls. Instead, they are dedicated to sleeping and could be called digital earplugs.

“They ‘quiet’ more of the low frequencies found in the biggest threats to a peaceful bedroom — like snoring partners, idling engines, and nearby footsteps. And with new relaxation tracks, they help quiet your mind, too.” said Bose.

As mentioned earlier, the Sleepbuds II are clinically proven. Bose teamed up with the University of Colorado to conduct a user study where 100% of participants confirmed the noise masking worked against the common disturbances while 80% reported an overall improvement in sleep quality.

While you can’t listen to music from your phone, you can use the Bose Sleep App to set an alarm, change volume and select from the range of content. This includes 14 noise-masking tracks, 15 Naturescapes and 10 Tranquilities.

Lastly, the Bose Sleepbuds 2 offer 10 hours of battery life with 30 hours more in the charging case and are IPX4 sweat resistant. They are compatible with iOS and Android.

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