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Huawei P50 release date, price and specs news

Huawei is having a tough time of it lately when it comes to smartphones. A US trade ban on the company enforced since May 2019 meant the Mate 30 and P40 phones could not run Google services or have the Google Play Store installed.

With the ban ongoing and Huawei reportedly running out of smartphone chips, its future in the West is uncertain. Even strong sales in China could be affected if it can’t build the high-end phones it wants to in 2020 and 2021.

As we wait to see if the Mate 40 will be announced, we look forward to 2021 and possibility of the P50 series. The P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro Plus were excellent pieces of mobile hardware, but without Google services they feel very stunted for Western buyers. It’s not the just the apps themselves – Google background services mean apps like Uber also don’t work.

This big issue aside, if released then the P50 should improve again on the P40 series’ stunning camera set ups. Here’s everything we know so far about the Huawei P50.

Huawei P50 release date

The P series has been launched in February for the past few years, so we still expect the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro to be announced in February 2021. But considering the current state of Huawei we can’t be sure.

Huawei P50 price

The entry-level P40 costs £699, a reasonable price that matches the iPhone 11 and undercuts Samsung’s Galaxy S20 by £100. The P40 Pro goes for £899, while the Pro Plus ia a whopping £1,299.

The three phones have already seen heavy discounts in an attempt to encourage people to purchase, but we still think these are the sorts of prices Huawei will charge for the P50 series, particularly if the cameras improve again.

Huawei P50 specs

There is no word on what the specs of the P50 would be. Normally, we’d confidently guess that the company’s high-end Kirin chip would feature after debuting on the Mate 40, but since Huawei says it is literally running out of chipsets because trade restrictions mean it can no longer source parts, the internals of the P50 might look a lot different.

Huawei P50 wish list

If the P50 range does come to fruition, then here are a few new things we’d love to see. The chat over the absence of Google apps and services has been done to death and we obviously wish they’d come back, so we’ll take a look at what else Huawei could change to make the P50 better.

Improve EMUI’s native apps

If it can’t ship with Google Photos or Gmail Huawei needs to improve its own stock gallery and mail apps. At present they are lagging behind in features and design. EMUI needs to offer buyers a higher level of native app akin to that offered by Samsung in One UI. It is also important for Huawei to build and release a decent, pre-installed Google Maps alternative that works just as well.

Fewer models

The P40 series introduced a Pro Plus model for the first time, but we think it would have made more sense to have put the excellent zoom lens from that phone on the regular P40 Pro. Three models is too many, and the £1,299 Pro Plus was a full £400 more than the Pro. That’s too big a price jump for not many extra features.

120Hz refresh rate displays

We were a little surprised Huawei only managed a 90Hz display on the P40 Pro and Pro Plus (the regular model was stuck at 60Hz) when Samsung’s three S20s all packed in 120Hz. This is table stakes now for high-end Android phones, and Huawei needs to have it on all the P50 models if it wants to continue to play the specs game.

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