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Motorola launches updated Razr 5G for 2020

As per the rumour mill, Motorola has unveiled the Razr 5G folding smartphone for 2020 with a number of upgrades, design tweaks and a lower price tag.

The Razr 5G, or just Motorola Razr outside of Europe, arrives in a still very small market of folding phones and is more a case of refinement rather than an overhaul.

The Motorola Razr 5G will be available from ‘early autumn’ in the UK priced at £1,399 making it £100 cheaper than original.

You can buy it from O2, Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, Amazon.

Motorola said the Razr 5G is “a new kind of fashion symbol designed to turn heads with an iconic look”

To that end, the phone has a slightly more compact design with a tapered chin and the fingerprint scanner has been relocated to the back. It now comes in three colours – Polished Graphite, Blushed Gold and Liquid Mercury – and is constructed from polished 3D glass and 7000 series aluminium.

A new hinge is made from stainless steel, moving support plates and promises 200,000 flips of durability, or over five years for a power user opening the phone 100 times a day. It ensures a zero-gap design when folded thanks to a tear-drop shape where the display folds.

As the name suggests, 5G network support is a major upgrade along with a more powerful Snapdragon 765G processor and larger 2800mAh battery. Motorola promises all-day battery life.

Furthermore, the Razr 5G comes with what the firm is claiming to be “the most advanced selfie camera” although this is specifically referring to using the 48Mp sensor when the phone is closed. Still, that’s a big jump on the original 16Mp camera and there’s a 20Mp camera inside when you do open it.

The main screen remains at 6.2in and the Quick View display on the outside is still 2.7in but better software improves the experience. The latter can now be used with Android 10 gestures to navigate, along with more app support.

You can also swipe to access the camera or your favourite apps and contacts.

Find out why I want the Motorola Razr 5G regardless of the specs.

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