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The Galaxy Fit 2 Is a Minor Refresh of Samsung’s Fitness Tracker

Samsung only unveiled the Galaxy Watch 3 a few weeks ago, but already it’s been joined by a little sibling, in the new Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker.

Like the original Galaxy Fit, this is more fitness tracker than full smartwatch, with a focus on heart-rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

There’s automatic tracking for five different workout types, with tracking for calories, heart rate, distance and more – though there’s no mention of GPS, one of the most notable omissions from the first-gen Fit.

The company also touts a new ‘groove design’ that will reduce sweat by decreasing the contact area between the tracker and your skin, while on the flip side you get a 1.1in 3D curved AMOLED display – a small bump up from the 0.95in screen before. There’ll be more than 70 different watch face options too, if that floats your boat.

Battery looks like the biggest enhancement over last year’s model, with a 159mAh cell that delivers up to 15 days of normal use and as many as 21 days if you start turning features off – a pretty big leap from the three and a half days we managed when we reviewed the Galaxy Fit.

Curiously there was no mention of a cheaper model to match last year’s Galaxy Fit-e. Given that at £89/$99 we found the the regular Fit pretty over-priced compared to rival fitness trackers like the Honor Band 5 or Xiaomi Mi Band 4 it’s a shame that there’s no sign of a more affordable option from Samsung.

The Galaxy Fit 2 will be available in Black or Scarlet. The company hasn’t yet announced a price or release date for the new tracker, but perhaps this is a sign that the Fit 2 will be enjoying a price drop to match the competition, which now includes the newly announced Fitbit Inspire 2.

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